Who are we?

We are a group of developers and online security managers from Romania.

We are in online security business since 2003 when our company and website were established.(Domain Name: concorde.ro/Registered On: 2003-05-30).

We started blockchain security audits in 2011 and we’ve been activating into this niche since the beginning.

We are also specialised into other type of crypto currencies technologies (Ex: DAG, Tangle, etc).

We provide only end to end security on this website. (Enduser security)

If you are a company and you need any kind of crypto security please contact us for a detailed offer. (EX: Smart Contract Audit / Multisignature Wallets for companies / Etc).

Every client will be treated by a live security asistant and every step will be explained in detail. There is no minimum or maximum time a client can stay connected to our team. Based on the clients tasks and requests the time will be established by us and the client until funds are completely secure.

We are the founders of the Slack community StolenBTC with over 200 users, most of them are victims of MyBtgWallet scam. Our founder (Username : “Concorde” on Slack) helped and guided a lot of victims from that community into taking action for recovering funds stolen. We’ve helped people for free into that community for over a month almost 24/7.

How to start?

If you want to secure your accounts please contact us.If you were a victim of a scam we can offer free advices and redirect you to specific communities to take legal actions. You can also use our services to secure your remaining crypto wallets/addresses/assets.