What we do?

We provide knowledge and information.

We explain the blockchain technology by following our clients understanding at that moment.

We help every client to secure their crypto coins/tokens

We offer any kind of info regarding the specified crypto coin/token.

The client must also document himself based on our recomendations and fully understand the technology behind the wallet/blockchain/tangle etc.

We offer complete support for any kind of fork on any blockchain, providing information about how to claim the respective resulting crypto in the most secure way available at that moment.

We run almost any blockchain full nodes and can claim any type of crypto resulted by forks (fees may apply).

We are sure that if you follow our team your funds will be secured and noone will ever gain access to your funds.

We may ask the client to install specific security/encrypting software on his computer if security of the personal/company computer is low. The software is not provided by our company. We will try to use trusted software companies. The software can be free or paid, depending on the client’s choice.

We may ask for a signed message from the address the client has paid our team. In this way we can be sure that we are talking with the client that paid us.(If you do not know how to sign a message, we will provide additional information about that.

We can offer mining advices by forwarding the clients to documentation and providing info about mining software, configuration and security.

We can do step by step graphic and text tutorials for our clients that are not familiar with the crypto technology or with special software. (additional fees may apply).

How to start?

If you want to secure your accounts please contact us.If you were a victim of a scam we can offer free advices and redirect you to specific communities to take legal actions. You can also use our services to secure your remaining crypto wallets/addresses/assets.