What we don’t do?

We are not native speakers of English so please excuse the typos and mistakes.

We do not ask for any Seeds (Mnemonic Keys) or any private keys from client’s wallets or addresses.

We do not ask passwords for any account on the web the client owns.

We do not ask for any identification of the client (ID/Passport/Etc)

We do not sell/buy/exchange any kind of crypto to or from our clients, although we can redirect clients to secure services and exchangers we have been using ourselves and we consider secure.

We do not offer trading advices.

We do not involve 3rd parties on our website. What we do, we do it alone.

We do not take responsibility if a client misunderstoods our team advices and a lost of funds will happen.

If, and only if

If a client wants us to claim crypto resulting from a fork, we will advise him how to completely move all funds to a new wallet and only after that provide us sensitive information for claiming fork-resulting coins/tokens. We will transfer the resulting crypto (minus fees) into clients new wallet. All claiming will be done manually and in the most secure way by our team.

we are not

We are not affiliated with any website providing wallets/addresses etc.

We are not affiliated with any crypto-exchanger.

How to start?

If you want to secure your accounts please contact us.If you were a victim of a scam we can offer free advices and redirect you to specific communities to take legal actions. You can also use our services to secure your remaining crypto wallets/addresses/assets.